Customer sewing projects from Jenny’s Sewing Studio

Jenny’s Sewing Studio is inviting you to share your sewing and embroidery story on line. I have created a special photo gallery for any of our customer to send me pictures and a story of what is happening in your sewing world.  You will even get your own album to add later projects to. Let me hear from you especially about the Christmas projects.

One customer, Nancy Hebena, has shared her embroidery and quilt making with me. She would like to past it on…

“I should tell you about myself.  I was 54 and my husband 56 when we retired, now I am 66.  Winter was horrible in Chicago so we moved to Surprise, AZ where it is gorgeous most of the time.  I signed up for the pottery class but that wasn’t what I wanted to do so a friend said take up porcelain painting so I took a class, bought a kiln and attached are a few of my pieces.  Then I needed something else and saw the SES1000 Futura and felt that looks like fun.  That machine is running daily and I have had only one problem with the machine which I figured out and fixed myself.  Since I got this machine, I made the quilts, not great but still looked nice, embroidered towels, kitchen towels, made name tags,made heart/lace frames and now since I am going to the Blackhawk Hockey game in February, took the Blackhawk design and embroidered on a T shirt for my fried and am doing another for myself so we can support the team and be real Blackhawks.  They came out perfect. 

What is the point of all this!  Tell you beginners not to be intimidated or afraid to embroider or tackle anything..  The worst thing to happen is you mess something up,  In the two years I have had this machine I ruined one towel. Was I lucky!  No, the machine is that good. Pick or make your design, autopunch to digitize the stitches, and the machine does the rest.  Don’t be afraid to tackle it and have fun doing it.

See her quilts at this link!

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