Embroider a belt on your machine

I have updated the post! Using any embroidery machine you can embroider a sectional belt easily. I have loaded 3 autopunch designs you are welcome to try. The designs are .jef and .pes and you can download them by clicking on the picture. The clip art used made the autopunch software perfect for the formation of my designs. I used the Singer Futura and the Stitch N Sew software to create with. To see how auto punch works view the process here.

To embroider the designs and construct the belts, pick a background fabric that has some body. Use denim, canvas, or sandwich a fusible fleece in between to pieces of broadcloth. This heavier fabric will give your sections a rigid body. Trim each embroidery to the edges. Mend the embroidery together to create enough width to fit your waist.  The multi zig-zag stitch or the feather stitch will work well. To finish tack a cord to each edge so you can tie your belt in place or velcro an overlap. You can also make a buttonhole and button as a closure. Hook and eyes will work too. Check out the buttons and fastener at your local fabric store for other finishing ideas.

Remember I have not always stitched out every embroidery so test the designs before committing them to a garment.


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