Embroidery can be easy! All you need is straight stitch!

show29All you need is straight Stitch!  You can create lovely artwork on a simple fabric just by using straight stitch. Creative Feet came up with a method of design transfer where you can use a see through sticky washaway to print and press on your pattern picture to the top of the fabric.. viola your pattern is ready.  Using small straight stitch strokes with your machine in a free motion set-up, you can create breath taking artwork on  pillows, quilts and clothing. Use the octihoop to make the embroidery process even easier. The octihoop kit comes with a small roll of the stabilizer plus the hoops. Watch the video on the basic process.precious150cat All the pictures I have posted use just straight stitch embroidery. You can also do stippling too.

I have pictured my Singer Futura with the brand new Alpha sew table. The table is a wonderful extension to my machine pdtable150because it keeps the fabric on the table and not hanging off the machine. The support is also working well for quilt stippling and free motion quilting and embroidery. I am looking forward to trying the new Octihoop and do some free motion embroidery on the machine.

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