Enter a Quilt Block contest

I am attaching a web site I saw in my local Hancock Fabric flyer. It was advertising a quilt block contest by Country Woman magazine and Hancock. The idea is to be creative and win cash.  I thought it would be perfect to show of your creativity with a new embroidery /sewing machine using decorative stitches and/or an original embroidery created in autopunch, photo stitch and hyperfont. This is a great way to let you machine shine and try out all it’s features.

Here is a quilt I made years ago that showed features of the Singer 3900 design CD with embroidered borders and quilt blocks.

At the right  is a quilt I made using features from the Singer XL6000. I have also attached a picture of a pillow made using the Brother built in features and the circular stitcher.  I hope all these project give you some ideas about what you can do using decorative stitches and embroidery.


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