House moving on the eastern shore

     When I was little, my dad was in the house moving business with his dad. It was very dangerous work. Route 13 was expanding and some houses along the new road were moved to make room. I was too small to understand where or when but I do remember what my dad did. Recently I came across some pictures of the “jobs” as they were called and thought I would share some history with you. I know there is still house moving going on, they moved the Hatteras  light house years ago. I remember after hurricane Hazel the phone rang and rang with people needing houses put back on foundations and trees being sawed and moved. I also saw them show how house moving was done on the history channel. I can not imagine seeing this done today. It was very specialized work and physics was a must. Here are some pictures to share of a tastee freez being moved, a ferry being moved, a large houses, being sawed in half and moved. The house had to fit on the street or go over a bridge as it was being moved and power and phone lines had to be pulled so the houses did not interfere, it was quite a feat. Most of these homes and businesses were large structures. Sometimes roofs came off before they were moved.  My grandfather, James Edward Friedel and my dad C Gray Friedel did all this. Today we just tear it down and start again.

This has nothing to do with sewing but I wanted to document my memories…