House on the Hill Lap Quilt block

In our November 12th Lap Quilt lesson several quilt members pieced the House on the Hill Block. This was a pecise piecing block. As a quilter piecing this block you had to make sure you accurately cut and pieced this block so the chimney lined up with the roof and the roof lined up with the strip containing the door and windows. All the strip pieced had to match the size of the grass block to work. The block had 16 pieces to combine to make a lovely House on the Hill. If you missed the lesson you can look at the notes. Here is the link.

In December we will meet on December 10th to piece the Sewing Machine from Lap Quilting book. Pick your sewing machine fabric using the darkest fabric you have. If you have an embroidery machine you can even embroider the fabric before you cut out the template to make sure you position the name or design is centered.

You will need template Square F and Rectangle J and Trapezid E, Curved Rectangle A and Curved Rectangle B. Pick your fabrics and cut out your fabrics for class. Bring a little extra sewing machine and spool fabric.

Please wear a mask to class and make sure you have not been exposed for the 14 days since Thanks giving. (If you have been traveling or gathering please give yourself and others proper space.) Please let me know you are coming.


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