Irish Chain quilt

If you are like me, I am tried of cleaning closets, washing windows and curtains and doing gardening and making face masks during this Covid 19 isolation.

I thought the quilters from Jenny’s Sewing Studio Lap Quilting groups and my customers might like a sewing challenge. I have been working on the Irish Chain quilt and will offer you a PDF demonstration of how to start and complete the Irish Chain quilt. My instructions are for a baby size quilt 53″ X 53″.  I feel pretty certain most of you have a stash of fabrics you can pull from. Yardage amounts are included in the instructions. If you want to make a larger size you can order a used “Irish Quilt in a Day” book for about $5.00 to reference yardages. Just Google it!

I want to see pictures of your progress and color choices! Stay Safe!



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