Jenny’s Sewing Studio will go virtual June 30th 2008

collage.jpgAfter 26 years at our current studio location in Salisbury, MD  Jenny’s Sewing Studio will close it’s brick and mortar shop and go virtual.  It was a hard decision to close our store but it is also an exciting time because we will be able to devote much more time to the on-line web sites, blogs and business. Jenny’s Sewing Studio has 4 web locations. We have the blog you are reading, our main web site at, our web shop or “on line store” that offers anything from Singer sewing machines, to Amazing Design software, to sewing machine parts and accessories plus sewing baskets and caddies and more, and we also have which is a complete brochure of all the SINGER products we sell.

In the coming months we will be redesigning the web sites and adding new products and removing others. WE have big discounts in the Salisbury store but internet price discounts will be marked by the sale products and is not a blanket discount at this time. Jenny will continue to be an on-line SINGER dealer offering products and lessons. The SINGER Futura will be our main embroidery focus but that does not mean we can not help others who need products that will enhance their embroidery craft. We will also feature some easy to use sewing machines and sergers that will offer feature to help beginner sewers and dressmakers alike. Jenny hopes to offer several project articles that will help keep you sewing too.

We will grow our Amazing Designs features and lessons and offer you the best embroidery software for all your sewing machines at a great price with wonderful ease of use. Amazing Designs has offered a product to fit  every person’s needs from  digitizing, to adding  lettering and monograms or to edit and split large embroidery.

We will offer some great thread and stabilizer packages from “The embroidery store” and you can even get samples of the stabilizer offerings free with you next order. Just  request the samples in your next order. From “ABC embroidery” we will offer hooping systems and marking systems for those who are trying to find time savers that help make embroidery placement fast and accurate.  From “Nancy’s Notions” we will add a second line of specialty machines like the felter and the 3/4 size traveling machine. From “Hoop-it-all” we will show you the great benefits of the hoop-it-all hoops. These hoops increase the size of your embroidery area without rehooping.

Jenny plans to also present more lessons on line using embroidery software. Right now we offer several free lessons so you can see the type of instruction you will receive.  We will be selling our lesson packages with an instant download so that you can learn at home without frustration, many of the new software packages available. Jenny is also hoping to travel some this Fall. More about that later. We have to close our Salisbury, MD store first and Jenny is quite busy right now but is in the process of finishing a brochure of classes she will offer. Groups and dealers can sign a contract for her to come to their area of the US. Traveling will be limited to one or two trips a month.

We will also be changing our free monthly drawing soon so that you can win a free gift certificate to spend at our on-line store.  Use it on any product you wish…more about that later too. Jenny will make an annoucement when we have changes in place.

To say goodbye to our local friends and customers Jenny will have a potluck dinner on June 19th. If we got the date wrong with some of you in the store please make the correction. Come and share some food and fellowship on Thursday evening June 19th at 6:00pm. Give us a call to sign up now. 410-543-1212.

We look forward to seeing you at the store in the next few weeks!


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