Lap Quilt class on “Folded Star”

For the month of March the lap Quilt groups will do a fun project using the Folded Star. Once you learn the technique you can create quilt blocks, pot holders, pincushions, ornaments and more.

We will be making an 7″ block but will use 9″ squares for the background and frame and cut them down when done. Each student will need to cut 3 – 9″ squares.

I based the stars on 4″  squares for the folded star. You can make the squares any size but 4″ seemed to work well. Each student will need to cut a light, dark and medium strips 4″ wide. I suggest you cut 2 X 45″ strips of each of the 3 fabrics used. (light, dark and medium colors).

Fold the 4″ squares in half and then fold the corners to the center diagonally. Press.

We will assemble the stars in class. If you are not currently in our Lap Quilting group and would like to join us email me for enrollment information.

Here are some beautiful star projects found on Etsy.



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