Marfy Patterns

A McCalls email introduced me to some of the most beautiful sewing patterns. They are by an Italian company called Marfy and sold by Vogue and McCalls. If you love designer clothing you will have to take a look. I am definitely going to buy a few pattern this year.I can not believe they have been around since the 1960’s. The internet sure helps sewers share.

According to Vogue each Marfy pattern is cut and prepared totally by hand with great care and precision on onion skin paper. To ensure a perfect fit, line and elegance, each pattern is tested, studied and perfected on fabric by a skilled team of professionals. The Marfy patterns are for skilled sewers.

Marfy Patterns:
  • Do not have cutting layouts
  • Do not have seam allowances
  • Do not have hem allowances
  • Do not have instructions for assembly
  • Here are few styles. Click on the web site link here to see more.