Project ideas for the quilters at Jenny’s Sewing Studio

My quilters are working right now of assembling the “Braid in a Day quilt” by Eleanor Burns. Some are making a wall quilt, some are making lap robes and one is making a table runner. The projects will be done before you know it. They keep me busy trying to be one step ahead. I have been on the search for something new and think I have the perfect quilt craft for our next project. I am posting pictures to get some feed back from the students.

I saw the quilt on Etsy and I am pretty sure we can make this project without a pattern.  I researched a lot of fabric panels and I think there is a panel for every member to be excited about. You can do Christmas, Fall, Flowers, snow scenes or what ever you like.  I have displayed a  few to give quilt and picture panels to give you the idea of a background we can work with. Here is the finished quilt and a few of the fabric panels to choose from. Let me know what you think. We will prepare the panel and make a stain glass window scene. I will let you know yardage for black and borders but you should think about your fabric panel choice.