Quilt or sew using the walking foot for even feed

If you have used a walking foot for your sewing machine you know the benefits are great. The walking foot helps you keep the stitches even and the layers of fabric even as you sew. Even feed is another name  for the walking foot. It is great as a plaid and stripe matcher and comes in handy when sewing most difficult to sew fabrics.  

I have used the walking foot to sew the edges of a quilt or to sew on the binding. The walking foot keeps the binding in place and keeps the top layer from traveling at a different speed than the bottom layer. No more tucks and folds in the binding.

Another place I have used the walking foot with great success is when I have a great deal of contrast top stitching to do. I have done a lot of tailoring and when I top stitched my lapels and upper collar I always used the even feed foot to keep the stitches the same stitch length throughout.

The Even Feed Foot has its own set of feed dogs that work in conjunction with the machine’s feeding system to improve the flow of the fabric. This is particularly important when sewing several layers of fabric, such as in quilting. The Even Feed Foot “pulls” the top layer or layers of fabric through at the same speed as the machine’s feed dogs are pulling the bottom layer or layers of fabric. This is also valuable in matching plaids or stripes, and in sewing pile types of fabrics such as velours and ultra-suede. Singer offers 2 lessons on how to use the walking foot.

Jenny’s Sewing Studio offers the walking foot for many models including the Baby Lock, Brother, Janome, Singer, Juki, and others.  Most of the Walking feet are now offered at a special discounted price. If you own a Janome Memory Craft 8000, 9000, 5000, 5700,10000, 10001, and 11000 take a look at the great buy we have on the walking foot with guide.

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