Sewing Class sale and web site changes at Jenny’s Sewing Studio

I thought I would share some of my latest classroom moments with you. I also want to update everyone on some changes happening on my web site in the next few days and weeks at Jenny’s Sewing Studio.

I have a sale on a lot of the classes being offered at Jenny’s Sewing Studio. I am introducing a brand new shopping cart format on my blog and you might see some changes soon. To introduce some of the new sales formatting you can check out the classes at this new link.

It is possible my site might be off line as changes are made. If you shop and we are not available, check back soon.

Here are pictures from my students and recent club meeting for you to enjoy. I hope you will take advantage of the discounts on classes and our sewing parts which have been marked down 50 % while in stock .

Jenny’s Sewing Studio is working hard to keep up to date with the latest internet changes, Stay tuned and I will try to update as change happens.