Singer serger 14J250

Recently I got to see the ( Brand New to me ) Singer serger 14J250.  Singer has a 3/4 spool serger with differential feed that is different from all other sergers you have ever seen. The whole front opens up for easy threading. You can literally get you fingers into the threading and you can see what is happening. Remarkable!

To see all the features  Singer has prepared a features sheet.  Look at the revolutionary featured thread cutter. Push the lever down and the cutter pops up for you to cut your serger chain. Singer also included a threader for the needles.

The knife blade is now located on the top door and is easy to bring up and down, depending on the sewing project.  Accessories are also stored right in the front door.

Sew knits and wovens with ease.  Use narrow roll hem for napkins, flatlock stitch for decorative effects, 3/4 spool over edge for 1/4″ seams.  The 14T250 is a great serger at a great price and it is available at Jenny’s Sewing Studio.

If you are local Jenny’s Sewing Studio also offers a serger basic class. Learn how to use your serger in class. We cover 3/4 spool stitch, flat lock, roll hem and fancy threads. You can also serger a quilt in the log Cabin or quick trip class.

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