The Big Christmas Snow at Jenny’s Sewing Studio!

I had an interesting weekend here in Salisbury, MD. It snowed, and rained and sleeted, and snow/rained and then snowed again. The storm lasted 36 hours. As you can imagine, we had a nice icey mess but it was beautiful. After a long day and night the nor’easter moved away and the sun came out and the snow was beautiful.

I went out and shovel twice during the storm, once to get rid of the ice layer and once to move the snow.

I have created an album of pictures in the Gallery as you can see the beautiful snow left in our yard after the storm. We were extremely lucky. We ended up with only 3 or 4 inches of accumulation. 5 miles west they got 6″,  30 miles north and west they got 16″ of snow. 50 miles north they got 20 inches of snow. I think we were on the good side of the snow line.

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