The Rag Wreath

Shabby Fabrics is a great wealth of ideas, fabric and kits. I am always getting inspiration there. I saw a wreath project I had tried years ago, revived on Shabby Fabrics and thought it was a great way to use of scraps. The wreath is very easy to change from an autumn wreath, to a Christmas wreath, to a valentine decoration. Here is the link to the heart wreath and video.

To make our own scrap wreath you will need to start with a wreath frame. I ordered 6 on Walmart for about $2.00 each. The frames are split into 4 rings of 5 different spaces. To figure out the total yardage needed for the finished wreath I counted the strips I tied into each section.  The total wreath took about 200 strips 2″ X 7″ to complete. Watch the Shabby Fabrics You Tube video to see how the strips are tied.

Start with about 1/2 yard of 6 to 7 different fabrics.

Hope you have fun with your wreath.