Watercolor quilting

Watercolor quilting is the subject of the February 2021 Lap Quilting club at Jenny’s Sewing Studio.

For the Lap Quilting class project I will give each person a piece of water color interfacing to do a 6” pincushion. ( We will not be doing any applique). To figure out the size you need for the background interfacing you count the 2″ squares. The square will get a ¼” seam on each side. The finished piece, once sewn, will equal the number of squares horizontally X 1 1/2” = the finished width and the number of squares vertically X 1 1/2” = the height.

To prepare you will need to precut at least 10 different fabrics into 2” squares for a small pin cushion project. 10 fabrics will give you choices. I find that cutting one strip across the width of the fabric and then cutting it up into 2” square with my rotary cutter will yield enough squares of each fabric to do our project. You should use large prints if you have them and vary the shades for light to dark.

The watercolor fusible interfacing is divided into 2” squares.

Use a piece of cardboard or the iron board as your background for the layout so you can transport the finished design to the ironing board. You will place the interfacing fusible side up and start applying the 2” squares to create a pleasing design. I did my layout using the diagonal rows. Once the layout is complete, fuse the layout in place from the right side.

The next step is to flip the fused piece to the wrong and fold the interfacing on the drawn lines and sew the ¼” seams.

Here are pictures of some wash color quilts. I hope to share some applique patterns to add.