Wrapped in Fabrique

fallfabriquea.jpgWrapped in Fabrique! I love this techinque of making decorative fabrics and scenes from free motion, applique and decorative stitches. In the 1990’s the book “Wrapped in Fabrique” was inspirational. The book is long out of print but the technique has grown, especially on Pinterest. I collected a few of my favorite ideas in this blog. I also shared with you some of my own creations.

Years ago I purchased a fun book on fabric texturing and have decided to revisit this creative topic. The book is no longer published but the techniques are still current. To create a brand new textured fabric, use  decorative threads, free motion stippling, decorative stitches, twin needle sewing, and the cording foot.  Creation of your own fabric art is easy and lots of fun.  If you would like to copy my project you can. The technique looks great on a vest, gown bodice, purse or pillow.

To start your creative design you will need to collect applique fabrics and prints to complement the base fabric. you will need fusable web plus decorative and couching threads. tex3.jpgYou will need to purchase a base fabric and a fusible knit interfacing to add body. I used bengaline or silk dupioni. I suggest a mid weight fabric. You can also use suede twill or quilted denim. Purchase fuse knit and fuse it to the wrong side of your main garment pieces before you cut. Rough cut the main garment pieces so they can be embellished and then the base fabric can be cut to the pattern shape. Allow at least 2″ all around the basic garment shapes. 

Step1- Lets free motion stipple to gather or pucker fabrics to use in the applique’. Use straight stitch and free motion.

Step 2- Let’s twin needle. Use a 2.5 needle and remember to keep the width of any decorative stitch below 2.5 or if you have a safety switch put it on. Twin needle pieces of applique fabric to cut out later. Twin needle the base fabric in a random design. You can use 2 spools of gold metallic or even matching thread. The twin needle will pucker the base fabric to create a texture effect. 

Step 3- Use decorative stitches to give a base to the custom design on your project fabric. Switch to an open toe applique foot so you can see the stitching. 

Step 4- Use the braiding and the cording foot to couch metallic cords to the base fabric.

Step 5-Bond wondetex1.jpgr under to the wrong side of your applique fabric, If the “flower is 3-D bond a piece of backing to the underside of the flower and free motion your applique’ edges and then cut The flower out to apply on top of another applique. Apply the flower to the base applique with free motion tack down stitches in the center of the flower. After all the surface textures have been applied lets cut out and construct the sewing project to create your fabrique.

Let’s look at the cording foot. It is a great accessory to apply decorative threads with.

See a video of the use of the cording foot and you can also purchase a cording foot at out web site.

You may also need a twin needle. Here is a link. 

More ideas on Pinterest!

blue vest


 blue flower



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