5 piece Quilting Kit makes quilting easy

The Quilting Kit at Jenny’s Sewing Studio can make any low shank sewing machine a quilting machine! If you have a Singer, Juki, Janome, Baby Lock , Brother, or other low shank machine read on.

Let’s look at the feet separately.

The patchwork foot guides the sewer to seam a perfect 1/4″.  Use the toe on the right side for the quarter inch guide. Use the toe on the left as an 1/8″ guide. Use the notch in the front of the foot to stop 1/4″ from the edge so you can pivot or make point and star blocks. Use the notch in the back of the foot so you can start 1/4″ from the edge. There is also a 1/4″ needle notch. The foot also comes with a quilt ruler marker. Use the marker as a guide from the last line of stitching or as a guide to stitch an equal distance from the edge.

The next foot is the walking foot. This foot is great for the even feed when quilting the quilt and sewing on the binding.

The free motion foot is special. A nice smooth and broad base helps you glide across the quilt when doing free motion designs and stippling.

The open toe foot is my favorite when I need to see where I am sewing. I use the open toe foot to applique and apply decorative stitches.

I have applied links to many of the feet so you can view video Singer has provided on how to use the accessories.

Video for open toe foot
Video for walking foot
Video for free motion quilting

We also have applied a special price to our 5 piece quilting set. Buy the feet seperately and spend $92.80. Buy our 5 piece kit for $59.95. Get yours today.

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