Free Frames is the new name for Hoop it all

Hoop it all is now “Free Frames”. The hoops are the same but the name is changing!  It will take several months before “Free Frames” is organized and can provide timely shipping and service on hoops and stabilizers.

At Jenny’s Sewing Studio we think the Free Frame is essential to the expansion of  your sewing machine embroidery.  You can  order your hoop it all at Jenny’s Sewing Studio

Free Frames is the only company with the “hoop it all” product. I hope you will support Free Frames so they can continue to provide this valuable product. Free Frames has a hoop for every machines and every embroidery need. Embroider borders, quilt blocks and hats with your embroidery sewing machine.

Free Frames are available for Singer, Baby lock, Janome, Baby Lock, Brother, Viking and other machines. If you do not see the Free Frame you need, email us at

The next generation of embroidery frames from the family that brought you the Hoop-It-All. What are Free Frames? Free Frames are not hoops, they consist of a single frame that is specially designed for the Stick and Tear Poly stabilizer to adhere to the back. You then are able to freely lay your fabric on without stretching and freely place the item anywhere within the frame’s sewing area.

They make it easy for anyone to embroider on any item like baseball caps, quilts, hats, visors, edge of collars, cuffs, entire jacket backs, dog collars, belts, bags and towels, etc… Embroider on velvet, courderoy, velour, terry cloth and leather without the frustrating hoop marks that occur with standard hoop style hoops. No stretching of the fabric – ever! Your hands won’t hurt! And with our Giant Hoops you can embroider up to 16 sewing fields in a single hooping!

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