Back Pack Pattern from Jenny’s Sewing Studio

Jenny's Sewing Studio

Back Pack Instructions:

¾ yard of reversible quilted fabric
¼ yard of matching print fabric for strap
2″piece of Velcro
Safety pin or bodkin
Two 14″ x 19″ pieces of reversible quilted fabric for body
Cut 2 flap pieces 5″ X 9″
Cut a pocket 19″ X 9″
Two 36 x 3″ pieces of coordinating fabric for strap
Join two lengths resulting in one 72″ strap
Along length, fold sides to center, press
Fold length in half, press
Topstitch length ¼” from each edge
Cut 2 flap pieces 5″ X 9½”. Place them right sides together and sew with a ¼” seam leaving one long edge open to turn right sides out. (Optional: round the corners on the bottom of the flap using a quarter to shape the rounded corners.) Press the flap and zig-zag the top raw edge opening together.
Cut a pocket 19″ X 9 1/4″ and fold in half, right sides together. Sew the raw edges using a ¼” seam and leave a small opening on one side to turn. Turn the pocket through opening and press. Top stitch the opening closed using a ¼” top stitch seam. Center the pocket on one side of the back pack and top stitch in position. Apply the flap over the pocket and place it about ½” above the pocket so the flap is sticking up. Sew in position. Fold the flap down and top stitch ¼” from the folded edge. You can apply a Velcro as a closure.
Serge a finished edge around body of back pack pieces.
Place both body pieces together and sew both long edges with a ½” seam, leaving 3″ from top edge open for casing. Clip the ½” seam allowance width 3 inches from top to allow the casing fold. At the top 3″ of seam allowance fold a ¼” under and top stitch in place to finish the casing ends.
Fold top edge under 1.5 inches and stitch to form a 1 ¼” casing on both top edges of the bag. Measure 3″ in from the left side of the backpack on the bottom edge of the bag. Mark! Now sew one strap edge to the bottom seam allowance on the left side of the bag. Using the attached strap, feed the strap through the left side of the bag casing and then continue through the other casing side, then feed the strap through the first casing again. You will finish on the right side of the bag. Pull the strap through and pin the strap end to the bottom of the bag 3″ from the right side. Sew it in place to complete the strap. Sew the bottom of the bag with a ½” seam.
Finish bottom edge
On wrong side, fold lower corners matching side seams to bottom seams to form 2″ bag bottom, stitch and trim.

Prequilted Bag

PDF file download

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