The beading and piping foot

pipe-the-seamThis foot has a lot of skills. The groove under the foot allows 5/32″ cording or beading to flow through the foot with ease as you sew down your piping or cording or beading. Since I pipe a lot of pillow edges and pipe most facings and linings, I use the beading and piping foot a lot. The foot is available at 1/2 price on our web site and will fit most makes and models that have a wide bar for snap on.  Most Juki, Brother, Baby Lock, Janome and Singer domestic machines work with the foot. I also have the double piping foot that is on sale. You can p60490-meduse this foot for sewing the cord to the left or right of center. Again most machines will work with this foot. It also really helps to have a needle position adjustment to get in close to the cord. Most electronic sewing machine will adjust needle position by placing the machine in straight stitch and adjusting the width. See the double piping foot by clicking here!

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