Beginner Sewing at Jenny’s Sewing Studio

Recently Lilly took my beginning sewing class in Salisbury, MD.  Sewers start with learning to thread the machine, sew seams and pivot at corners. Lilly learned the 5/8″ seam and the quarter inch seam and how the back tack. She made a pin cushion and a zipper pouch to keep her small sewing equipment in. In the next lesson I showed her how to read the pattern and cut out an apron that had a lot of sewing technique. Lilly learned marking, pressing, trimming, clipping, controlled gathers, sewing on a patch pocket, making a narrow top stitched hem, a facing and a casing. I sewed an apron along with Lilly and made it for my mom. Here are the pictures.  Come and learn to sew, follow the link to enroll.