Personalized Sewn Memories

I recently had one of my former students contact me about making her some pillows. I usually do not sew for people but this was a special case. Her husband was a partner in my brother’s firm and had passed away about one month after Gerald. She has gathered about 25 shirts from her husbands closet and wanted them sewn into pillows to give as a memory to her grand children and her husband’s mother.  It was an unusual request but I was surprised that Pinterest had a whole section on memory pillows made from shirts.

I looked up many ideas but decided on a few pictures for inspiration. I am going to pipe the pillow edges and use the machine to write her husbands name and birthday in the strips of a rail fence quilt square design. Another great idea is a pillow wrap as pictured here.

If you would like to try a pillow I give a one on one class on how to make the pillow with piping. The piping foot is available for most machines. If you would like to sew the patchwork, I also sell the 1/4″ foot.

Below find some very creative ideas.