Bridge Buddies

Since 2008 Arlene, Toby, Eileen and I have been bridge buddies.  Our original group included Pattie and Patrick. We all took bridge lessons at the Wicomico Civic Center from Jean McKinney. If you ask around the area, there are a lot of bridge players who took lessons from Jean.  Once our group graduated from the intermediate class, we decided to play bridge every Friday afternoon. Our group has played at various locations, including our homes. About 8 or 9 years ago I joined the Elks in Salisbury, MD. The four of us have met for lunch and played party bridge at the Elks or my home ever since.  My mom started coming to lunch at the Elks with me in 2014 after my dad pasted away.  She will not learn bridge but she is always up for going out to lunch. We treat her like one of the group.

This year we are going through a major change. Eileen and Patrick are moving away to be closer to their children. Today was our last bridge game as a group. We will miss them very much but hope that their new home will be an exciting new chapter in their lives. Eileen says her granddaughter Jane, who is 3, will be very excited to see her. They will be living 5 minutes away. It has been great knowing Eileen and Patrick and we wish them well.

Arlene, Toby and I will still be playing bridge on Fridays. We are trying out new partners and hope they will enjoy our 4 some.  Once you get bridge in your blood it is hard to quit. Eileen is hoping she can find a new 4 some too.