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Hand surgery a success for Jenny

I had carpal tunnel surgery today. I am looking forward to days when I can sew and crochet without pain and numbness. The pain was getting to the point that I would have stop and rest my hand when I ate and drove so it was time. After about 2 weeks I should be cleared […]

Mahjong with Kay

  The last few months have been a challenge but my friend Kay has helped me keep up with Mahjong and play the new 2020 mahjong card. I am getting a lot of practice playing 2 handed Mahjong because we can not get a table of 4 player together right now. All of us are […]

My Mom Mildred Anna Friedel

I have sad news to share, my mom,  Mildred Anna Friedel, has passed on Tuesday March 17th 2020 and is now with my father Charles Gray Friedel and brother Gerald Friedel in heaven. She was my constant companion and I will miss her every day of my life. We were each other’s shadow. Right now […]

My Mom on February 25th 2020

Here is the latest update on my mom. Pictures include my brother Jim Friedel, Mike Friedel, Shalini Friedel , me ( Jennifer Friedel) and mom (MIldred Friedel.) You might get an update everyday if I get time. It helps me cope. Michael and  Shalini, mom’s oldest grandson and known by many  in the family as […]

Mom’s 98th Birthday party

Mom had her 98th birthday party and a lot of her friends came to celebrate. She got balloons, and flowers and card plus a lot of junk food like cake, candy, donuts, ice cream. Mom had a smile for everyone who visited her. I met Helen early in the morning and we set up her […]

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