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The snow on January 31, 2021

Every 3 or 4 years we get a big snow in Salisbury, MD.  At my age I am no longer fond of huge snow falls as it mean lots of shoveling to clear walks and the car. Sunday was no exception. To some 4 inches is a small snow but to me it was just […]

Happy Thanksgiving 2020

I wish all a Happy Thanksgiving for 2020. I have much to be grateful for and hope you do too. Here is a picture of my mom enjoying her pumpkin pie last Thanksgiving. We spent it at Denny’s where they had a great Thanksgiving turkey dinner. Believe it or not, mom was sick during this […]

Update on Jenny after surgery

My surgery went very well. Every one’s payers helped me and reached my doctors skilled hands. Thank you to all who texted and emailed me and sent me cards! The positive energy was felt. My surgery was long and intensive, it lasted 3 ½ to 4 hours. I have 3 new cadaver discs at C5, […]

Voting for 2020 in Wicomico County Salisbury, Maryland

I would like to share voting information for Maryland. Here is a link to the form to request an absentee ballot to vote this season if you live in Salisbury area. You can print it off and mail to : Board of Elections 345 Snow Hill Road Salisbury, Maryland 2180 Mailing Address: PO Box […]

Social distancing

Here I am social distancing with some friends. Did not even think about how close we were until I looked at the picture later. These are close friends and we meet twice a week to play mahjong and cards. Not much else for us to do right now. Trying to stay safe. I just got […]

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