Christmas strip pieced table runner

In our last lap quilting session we made the strip pieced table runner. I used the serger to strip piece 3 groups of 7 -2 1/2″ strips together. It made piecing the strips much faster. I needed the finished groups of 7 strips to measure at least 12 1/2″ wide to fit my 12 1/2″ square ruler. Once the groups were pieced it was real important to press the seams to one side.

I was able to cut 3 – 12 1/2″ squares from each strip. Then laid out 2 matching squares from each strip. Make sure the strips are going horizonal before you cut again. I then cut opposite diagonals and laid out the triangles I created to form chevrons. You will need 4 chevon centers. Fill in the sides with triangles that form 45 degree angles to each of the chevron centers. You will have 3 odd squares to cut. I ended up with one  and 1/2″ squares left over. Pictures help so I included  my gallery.

I have pictured Grace and Holly working on their runners. I lined my table runner with single faced quilted fabric and then turned, pressed and top stitched to finish.