Santa’s workshop at Jenny’s Sewing Studio

I thought I would share one of the projects I have been working on for my friends and family for the holiday 2021.

I saw these coffee mugs on sale at the right price and had to make some mug rugs to match them. I was inspired by the colors in the mugs. One of my customers had used some pom-poms recently.  I just came up with the mug rug idea and made 14 of them to go with the mugs. I personalized the mug rugs with the name of my friend inscribed in the round. As I went along I got better at the names. Seemed I had to put a space in between each letter to make the name clear and put 3 spaces between the names. I included a few pictures. I hope you can tell what the names are. If you are in the group of friends, act surprised at Christmas.