Singer Futura Embroidery Seminar at Jenny’s Sewing Studio

Do you have a new Singer Futura embroidery machine?  Do you need an introduction to machine embroidery class to get you going? Are your embroidery projects puckered?  Do you know how to multi hoop your embroidery so you can make a border or banner? Are you having trouble figuring out which software you need to buy to enhance your embroidery machine?

You can schedule a 1 or 2 day class at Jenny’s Sewing Studio and teach you how to tackle all the universal machine embroidery questions. Our seminar will make learning fun and easy and hands on. Bring your machine, hoops and attachments. If you have a laptop, bring it to practice with! We will download embroidery from the internet and save it to use on your computer.  I will supply fabrics and stabilizers and threads to make some basic embroidery samples. You will learn to do how to use stabilizers and practice design placement. I will demonstrate lettering software and show you how to make a monogram. Learn to make an embroidery template and browse embroidery files.

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