Hoop it all embroidery

CE200 and hoop it allHoop it all allows you to expand your embroidery hooped area for bigger designs. Less hooping of larger multi part designs means a more accurate finished embroidery. It is also easier and faster.  Hoop it all works with a slide bracket that lords prayerattaches to your embroidery machine.  The hoop has a rail that slides through the bracket to make positioning a breeze. Next you place stick it all on the back of the hoop, draw the centering marks on the sticky paper and attach the hoop to the machine. A Super long hoop will do as many as 3 hoop sets in one hoop, depending on the machine.  Draw your design centering points on the fabric and then stick the fabric to the hoop it all “stick it all” sticky paper to position. It helps to print off several templates of your design in your embroidery software so you can plan the design placement. Tape the templates together so you can visually see the complete design than mark you fabric. I have several video that show the process and the end result. Jenny’s Sewing Studio offers the hoop it all for most embroidery machine in various sizes.

If you are in the market for a hat hoop , Hoop it all has the best hat  hoop on the centerprintdesignmarket  for the domestic sewing machine.  The hat hoop slides on to make positioning a breeze. A design template helps you to visualize the design location and appropriate size. Hats make a great gift so consider the hat hoop addition to your embroidery machine accessory today.


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