The wise owl by the reluctant blogger-

I had to show you this easy and fun project from the reluctant blogger.


Just how cute are these little owls!……..A friend had something similar ( she wouldn’t let me take it to pieces so I had to guess how they were made)….and if I knew where the original design came from then I would give them the credit!
This is how I made mine.. These pictures are quite self explanitory…..

The only thing when stitching is to make sure the point where the stiches meet is neat.. this folds over to form his nose.

Place a pin accross and stuff firmly
Fold over and hold with a few stitches..
Cut some felt circles and add sequins and beads for eyes,
Stitch on his bottom!…. cute! You can change the size and shape by making the ‘cone’ shorter, longer, wider or narrower… experiment!.. if you make one leave a link so I can come and see!



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