Hoop it all / Free Frames makes a larger hoop for your embroidery machine

Hoop it all/ Free Frames have a great hooping product for you.  If you have ever want to embroider caps or hoop larger items without rehooping, I invite you to watch a great video on the hoop it all product.

Watch how to embroider a cap. Caps are difficult to embroider without a special hoop to hold the brim in position and keep the hat flat. “Hoop it all” solves the hooping problem. Hints for embroidering hat include: Buy hats with an adjust back strap that opens to lay flat. Also, the softer the cap, the easier it is to embroider.

You can embroider quilt blocks that are twice the size of your hoop, embroider banners and jacket backs. Jenny’s Sewing Studio is now offering a special discount on the hoop it all products!

If you need to split large designs, learn more by viewing the link on Edit N Stitch and watching the attached video link.

Allow at least 3 weeks for delivery of your Hoop it all product. There is a hoop made for almost every machine on the market. If you do not see your machine listed in our shopping cart, email us at jenny@jennys-sewing-studio.com for more information.

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