No show fusiblible stabilizer- Perfect for Teeshirts

If you are thinking about machine embroidery on a teeshirt , no show fusible stabilizer is what you need.

No Show Cutaway Embroidery Backing! Soft, sheer, stable, and translucent nylon-reinforced cutaway embroidery backing. Specifically-designed for left chest applications, eliminating the backing from showing through the garment. Ideal for lightweight, light-colored fabrics – keeps outlines on track when hooped in with your knit fabric. Can be used with a medium weight tearaway for added stability. No Show is also ideal to cover the back of the finished embroidery for a nicer appearance and to avoid having the scratchy feeling of heavier backing against the skin.

Jenny’s Sewing Studio carries no show stabilizer in a fusible form. It makes the hooping process much easier. Cut a piece of stabilizer a little larger than the hoop and apply the stabilizer to the back side of the teeshirt. When you hoop the garment make sure you do not pull on the garment and that your hooping are contains the stabilizer. If you project is too small to hoop, hoop the stabilizer and use a stray stabilizer to hold the garment in position. The results will amaze you.

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