Hoop it all makes multi-hooping a quilt easy!

squarehoopitall150Jenny’s Sewing Studio has designed 2 new embroideries that work very well in borders and as quilt block corners and they are yours free. The “hoop it all” is a great way to make your quilt block without having to rehoop. There is a hoop shaped as a square and it works on a slide. Attach the slide to your machine. Using your embroidery software, print 4 templates of the embroidery corner and tape the templates together to fit the hoop size. Using the large template of the 4 corners, mark your quilt block fabric at the design centers. Load your embroidery corner and slide on the hoop to embroider one corner. Align each center before you start the embroidery and you have a perfect quilt block.  Another idea for the quilter is to use the designs in the border. The longer hoop it all will help you sew the borders with ease.

 Make sure you click on this page to see the video’s and download the designs!

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