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General comments that involve machine embroidery

The Serenity Prayer

I am looking forward to a New Year and my hope is it will give us all a new beginning.  The Serenity Prayer keeps coming to mind so I thought it might be time to share the words with you! I have made this prayer into a machine embroidery. It was pretty easy with my […]

Lace Embroidery Pocket

I have created a lace pocket using the Singer Futura auto punch and advanced editing .  Designs for a lace pocket and a floral lace pocket were saved in  FHE format for the Singer Futura.  Click on the pictures to download these designs for free.  A 3 part video on how to create a lace […]

Multi-hoop using the Singer Futura

Here are some hints when using the Futura multi-hoop technique. Recently I was practicing multi-hooping for an upcoming class and would like to pass along some hints I discovered while doing multi-hooping.  Multi-hooping is used with designs that are bigger then the large hoop which is about 6″ X 10″.  The total hooping area of […]

Make a Bow Tie embroidery pillow with Embroidery Library

If you are looking for ways to use your embroidery machine, the bow tie pillow is a wonderful and decorative treat for any room.  Embroidery Library has done a brief free tutorial on how to set up and use your embroidery machine to decorate the knot of the bow. I recommend EOS free program to […]

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