How to Sew a Mother’s Day purse using my Singer Futura XL580

I am making my mom a new purse for Mother’s Day. I looked at her current purse, which I made a few years ago, and it is sadly worn. She likes it so much I decided I would put the extra effort out to make her another special bag.  The purse is strip pieced on pre quilted fabric. Below are pictures of the machine lettering, stabilizer backing, strip piecing, and 2 older purses I created with the pattern for this purse.In the following few blogs I will show you how I constructed this project. In this blog I have included a video on how to do built-in sewn lettering.

I was lucky because I found some lovely patchwork pre quilted I had purchased in white and black patchwork from Joann Fabrics years ago. I have made bias to edge the purse in black and I also selected a few black and white strips of cotton fabric I had stashed away. I will use the strips for the front flap. I also needed to prepare a solid strip of decorative stitches for the front flap. On that strip I sewed her name. I thought it would be fun to document the construction. I am using my cell phone so be kind in your reviews. I plan to make a few video’s. Here is the first step…sewing the decorative lettering.

I used “Fuse N Tear” iron on stabilizer on the back side of the solid strip I am using to create the lettering and decorative stitches. I am also using “filtec” bobbin thread for a better decorative stitch tension and an “Open Toe” applique’ foot to help the fabric feed well and allow me to see where I am stitching.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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