Jenny turns 60

Happy Birthday to me! On November 15th I will turn 60! I am celebrating!  60 years brings lots of memories. Lots of sewing memories!

Here is a brief history!  I have been sewing almost all of those those 60 years.  I started with doll clothes, next came the cross stitch by hand, then the garment sewing. I use to make all my bathing suits so I could have 2 or 3 a summer.  I sewed all my dresses, jumpers, shirts and suits  in High School. I could make a dress in the afternoon to wear to a dance in the evening. What fun. In college my mom gave me her featherweight to use. I sewed all my design projects for class. Since I owned a sewing machine I was popular. A lot of friends used my sewing machine.

While in college my mom got a Touch and Sew and I thought it was heaven to come home and use it. I thought up all sorts of things for those decorative stitches. Pop in a cam and go!

After college I went to work for SINGER and taught sewing. I bought my first machine. It was a Futura II 920. It was the top of the line.  I then moved to Atlanta and taught instructors to teach for Singer. I traveled the south eastern USA and visited 100 Singer retail locations in my stay in the south. After 3 years I went to Elizabeth, NJ and worked for SINGER as an educational coordinator. At that time I was given an Athena by Singer to use. The first electronic machine. I remember it well and put a lot of miles on it.

I trained supervisors and wrote instruction for SINGER.  I worked as a store manager, a fabric coordinator and after 10 years with Singer I openned my own dealership in Salisbury, MD. I operated my sewing machine dealership for 27 years.  During that time I owned a Ultra unlimited 6268.  Loved the machine but hated the embroidery.  after 4 years I sold the 6268 for a Pfaff 1473. That was a nice machine. I sewed lettering and decorative stitches to create many store samples and displays and clothes.  I also had Bernina for a while and did a lot of free motion quilting on the 1230. When the Artisa came along we switched back to Singer. I was in love with my XL1000. Of course I became a software junkie and used the PSW and the Janome digitizer Pro and the Palette  and knew them inside out. I even created instruction CD and still some of them today. I also sold Baby Lock, Janome. The Janome MC10000 was one of my favorites.  Today I still sell Singer, Juki and Brother. I still teach sewing and sewing machines and really have enjoy meeting lots of sewers along the way. To see more about our Salisbury, MD store visit the picture gallery.

My latest machine finds are the Singer Futura Quartet and the Juki F600. Love them both. I do not sew clothing any more but create fun projects , purses and gifts for my family and friends. My latest software find is Stitch N Sew embroidery suite by Compucon. It is very similar to the PSW and works with my Futura well.

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