Jenny’s Sewing Studio’s backyard in the Spring

ADP-106F amazing design songbirdsOur backyard is full of activity this Spring. The birds are pairing off and we have quite a few couples visiting the feeders. Every day we see the cardinals, the chickadee, the blackbirds, mallard ducks, blue jays, doves, and more. To get in the mood of the bardyard songbirds Amazing Designs has formed a collection for you to enjoy.









The birds compete for the food with our large squirrel population. I wrote a blog about a year ago on how my dad tried to relocate some of the squirrels. Well this year I bought a suirrel bungee. You load it with ears of corn and the squirrels jump on the cobs to eat. I have not had the squirrels take a ride yet.  All they are doing is stealing corn from the bottom part of the cob but it is only a matter of time. I keep moving the bungee higher to tease them.

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