Singer Electronic machines pack a big punch in features for the price.

Not only is the Singer 6160 a beautiful lavender color, it is also an incredible feature package for your money. I think electronic machines are the best choice for anyone choosing a new machine. It makes sense to buy a sewing machine that is easy to use and learn.  Just touch the pattern selection and bring up your stitch number and sew. The stitch length and width are all pre selected for you but you can adjust them if you want. The instruction booklet is hardly necessary for you to remember how to operate this product.

You get a one step buttonhole!  Just place your button in the buttonhole foot and then snap the foot on the machine. The machine will measure the button you place in the foot and make a buttonhole to match.  I remember the hoops I used to have to jump through to make a buttonhole when I was learning to sew.  20 years ago you could not buy this feature for less then $400 and now you can own the 6160 with almost everything you need to sew for years to come for only $199.


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