Learn to Sew with Jenny’s Sewing Studio

Learn to Sew with Jenny’s Sewing Studio!  Our beginning sewing class for ages 13 to adult is designed to help you become comfortable with using your sewing machine and sewing seams.  The class is scheduled for one day from 10 till 4:30pm.  Skill builders are used to teach you to become comfortable with the machine. We start of creating a pin cushion to teach you the 1/4″ seam, how to turn a corner with a pivot and how to turn a stuff. Learn to whip stitch the openning and start using your pin cushion to create the next project. You will make a zippered pouch to store your change, sewing supplies or make-up.  Learn to control the zipper and top stitch it in place.

Next pick your fabric to make a skirt or pants. I have picked a pattern for all to use.  Measurements and sizing are the next step. Learn to shop for fabric that is suitable for the pattern. Next you will layout and cut your pattern. In the remaining class time we will work on construction of your skirt or pants.

These sewing projects will get you on your way to bigger and more complex creations.

Our class schedule is below. Session is $50.00. To enroll call Hancock Fabrics in Salisbury, MD at 410-677-3461

Saturday April 21st 10:00-4:30pm -1 session ( break for lunch )
Wednesday May 16th10:00-4:30pm -1 session ( break for lunch )
Wednesday June 13th 10:00-4:30pm -1 session ( break for lunch )

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