Make Machine Quilting fun and easy!

Make sure you have the right sewing machine accessories to make the task of machine quilting  easier.  Jenny’s Sewing Studio has the accessories to fit most makes and models of machine.

The walking foot is a must have for most sewers. When you sew layers of fabric, the layers tend to shift. The walking foot adds feed to the top layer. I use the walking foot to sew the quilt binding to the quilt, to quilt the quilt and to sew the edges.  Singer make a nice video to show you how to use the walking foot.

The 1/4″ foot provides a guide to keep an even 1/4″ seam.  Most of the 1/4″ feet  snap on for ease of use. I guarantee the 1/4″ foot will inprove your piecing efforts. Singer shows the 1/4″ foot as part of the presser foot video.

The free motion darning and embroidery foot makes free motion quilting and stippling much easier. The foot raises up as the presser bar raises and comes down to hold the fabric in place as the needle goes in and out to make a stitch.  Watch the Singer video on free motion quilting technique.

Jenny’s Sewing Studio has all 3 quilting accessories on sale.  Save getting equiped for you next quilting adventure.  For more accessory demonstrations watch this additional video.

Take a quilting class with Jenny at Hancock fabrics in Salisbury, MD. I offer beginner classes like the Quick trip and the Log Cabin. For the more advanced student try the Radiant Star.


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