Making embroidered napkins

Embroidery using my Singer Studio S10
Print a template in your studio program for positioning
finished using the small hoop

In the next few months I have 2 wedding showers and 2 weddings for my nephews Andrew and Mike. I like to give personal gifts that the receiver can look at and say in later years, that was made by my Aunt Jennifer and Grandmom.  I am making each couple a set of 12 napkins for future entertaining and have found napkin rings that are also neutral. The first decision was color.  I asked and asked and no one could give me color so I made a neutral ivory 20″ square napkin using my rotary cutter to cut the napkins from a poly rayon 60″ wide fabric. I wanted a napkin that would be easy to launder or I figured they would not be used.  Next I serged all the edges with a narrow 3 thread edge in matching thread and fray checked all the corners.

In the Studio embroidery program I used Hyper font and Auto punch to create letters and frames to fit the small hoop. Always center the design and save as JEF. I saved the designs on a formatted USB stick that was ready for the Studio to read. Print some of the designs to create a template for positioning. Most diagonal designs are positioned 3″ from the point of the napkin. Plug the USB into the Studio and you are ready to start embroidery.

I decided to use the small hoop because I did not have to stabilize the small size. Using the template cut to fit the point of the napkin, I slid the template under the napkin so I could be the position of the center of the design.  I marked the napkin with a target sticker. I can use the same sticker over and over again.  Next I hooped the napkin with the small hoop. The overlay worked perfectly to help keep the fabric positioning correct. Only 23 napkins left to do.

Positioning using the hoop overlay to hoop the napkin. The target sticker marks the center




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