Mom on February 25th 2020

Here is the latest update on my mom. Pictures include my brother Jim, Mike Friedel, Shalini Friedel , me ( Jennifer Friedel) and mom (MIldred Friedel.) You might get an update everyday if I get time. It helps me cope.

Michael and  Shalini, mom’s oldest grandson and known by many  in the family as “precious” in his youth, came for a visit today. It was great to see both Mike and Shal. They traveled to Salisbury from Alexandria to be with mom. Thank you!!

Mom is going home tomorrow and hospice will be helping with care. Looks like I am going to go from busy to real busy! I will set up mom’s room for visitors so please call me that you are stopping by. 410 543 1212 and leave a text or send me an email at  I know mom will love to see you.

I am trying to make a plan of action for the next week or so. If you are interested and sitting with mom while she is sleeping, let me know so I can schedule you.  I have a few classes I need to teach and I need to get groceries at one point during the weekend and make some appointments. If you are interested in a few hours of sitting, reading and watching TV while you keep mom company let me know. Mom will be at home by Thursday night.

Here are pictures from today.


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