Mom’s Birthday Party

Today was mom’s 97th birthday party. We had mom’s senior social friends from Bethany Lutheran Church and several of my bridge buddies and mom’s card playing friends in attendance. It was great fun even with the rain. I made weight watcher chocolate /banana/peanut butter cupcakes for the event. Sorry I did not get great pictures of the birthday cake. I was serving and hosting the games and it was kind of hard to master picture taking too! I did get a few which I will share.

The party started with Mom trivia questions. The idea was if the question could not be answered, ask mom. If she got the answer right, the contestant got a prize. (everyone got a prize!) It was enlightening to see how much my mom remembers about her life. I had pictures displayed of her wedding, my dad, family, grandparents, children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and brothers and sisters as clues. I also had the family bible, her high school year book, baptismal and wedding certificate available to answer the key questions. We definitely celebrated her life today.

In attendance were Toby Rubin, Helen Shockley, Faith Willing, Sandra Gardiner, Kaye Thompson Schutt, Ginny Wiese, Judy and Bob Scherr, Joan Linkswiler and Cheryl Gronbach.

After playing a few group card games, we sang Happy Birthday and mom opened cards and presents. Everyone knows we like to eat out so there were plenty of gift certificates to her favorite dining spots. Presents also included lots of candy and cookies, sweet tooth alert! We then played Bingo and guests won all my prizes.

Thank you to all that helped celebrate the day! Happy Birthday mom!

Love Jennifer