My latest quilt projects

Since I knew I was going to have back surgery in June I had begun to prepare some projects I could possibly sew on while recovering. While I was recovering from back surgery I was confined to the house. No driving from at least 2 to 3 weeks was the doctors order. I have to tell you some days I just slept away while recovering from the pain. I watched the entire rerun of Downton Abby and a few other shows where it did not matter if I fell asleep while watching them because I had already watched the series once.

I did manage to work on a tee shirt quilt projects and completed 2 quilts. One quilt was for a girl and one was for a boy. The projects were created from about 50 tee shirts that had been saved over a 20 year period. A customer brought them to me and asked if I could create 2 lap robes from them. Here is the finished project. I was so glad I had a head start on the quilts before surgery because it was all I could do to layout the quilts and border and back them. Here is the result.