My mother’s 97th birthday

I am planning a party for my mom for her 97th Birthday. Someone asked me if this Birthday is special? I said all birthdays are special for my mom.  My mom does not like the fuss so I can not talk about the party to much around her or she will get upset and worry about something…?  Nice thing is she will forget about the party within a day so I can keep on planning and inviting her friends.

We will be playing a game of trivia questions about mom as well as playing Bingo and having a social with Birthday gifts, cake and ice cream.  I thought I would refer all unanswered trivia questions to mom to answer. I have placed pictures of all the relatives around the room as decoration. Mom gets to look at the pictures for about a week and memorize who they are.  She can remember quite a lot about the past.

Most of her church friends and some of my friends will be attending. She loves to play “Kings in the Corner” ( a card game) and Sequence. If you do not pay attention when you play games with her, she will beat you. 

I thought it would be fun to share the pictures of my mom’s family. First are the Weitknecht’s, who were her maternal grand parents and aunts and uncles.  Next are the Brown’s, who were her parents. I even found a picture of my grandmother Estella holding baby Mildred. There is a picture of my grandmother Estella and grandfather Edward on my mom’s wedding day. My mom had 2 sister’s and 3 brother’s. The bride and bridesmaid are her sister’s Lillian and Ethel. My mother is from Bethlehem, Pa.

I also have several collages of Jenny’s Sewing Studio. My mom was my bookkeeper for 25 years. Pictures of my dad and my brother’s are every where in the house. I did not include all the pictures, but just a few to make it interesting.  The guests will learn a lot about my mother at the party, we will celebrate her life of 97 years.

The birthday party is February 23rd. I reserved her birthday February 24th for my brother Jim to take her out. I hope she has fun!

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