News about our Lap Quilt Groups at Jenny’s

Jenny’s Sewing Studio now has 2 Lap Quilting groups for you to enjoy. Our on going group I will call the “4th Thursday Group”. Our new 2020 beginner group I will call “2nd Thursday Group”. I will give you notes below on both groups.

Our November Lap Quilt class for the “4th Thursday group” was spent learning to join and finish the quilt block strips. The lap quilt blocks are placed in strips and then the strips are joined to create the quilt. Most of the group has not yet finished all the blocks for the completed quilt. We practiced joining 2 blocks in class.

The upcoming club meeting for the “4th Thursday” group will be  December 19th. Time for club is 2:00 pm. The subject will be binding the quilt. Each quilter will need to bring enough fabric strips cut 3″ X 45″ to go around your completed Lap Quilt. We will prep and make the binding in class. You can set it aside until you are ready to complete your quilt. Bring an extra 3″ X 45″ strip for practice. Also bring the quilted sample you made in the free motion quilt class.  We will use the sample to practice sewing the binding and how to miter the corners. Bring your regular presser foot and the walking foot.

Jenny’s Sewing Studio is making plans for  the New Year of 2020. Our 4th Thursday group of quilter’s will be offered a whole new group of Lap Quilt lessons on more quilting methods and blocks.

Jenny will supply a pattern for January 23rd on foundation piecing. We will make a small 7″ finished square and you can choose between an angel and a heart design. Make the finished block into a pincushion and give it as a valentine present or use it in your sewing room. Bring your sewing machine or reserve one of mine. Also bring a neutral thread and enough 7″ squares of colored fabrics to fill in the patchwork areas. Here are the block pictures to use as a guide for your fabric choices. Please register for the sessions if you are new to the group.


Jenny’s Sewing Studio is starting a brand new monthly quilting group for 2020. Our first session will be January 9th. We will meet the 2nd Thursday of every month. This group class will take you through the quilting basics. Lap Quilting is a perfect way to learn to quilt.

Lap Quilting by “Georgia Bonesteel” is the required book and is available at Amazon and at Thrift at a reasonable used price.

Once you learn to make your templates you will learn how much fabric you need  and what kind of batting to buy.  Next learn to piece a 4 patch, a 9 patch, applique Sun Bonnet Sue, strip piece, do a log cabin block, a house on the hill block, free motion quilt, miter a border and more. Each of monthly meetings a special technique or block will be shown. By the end of the year you will have enough blocks pieced, bordered and quilted to create the quilt size you desire. With a lap Quilt you can pick any size quilt to make.

You can bring your sewing machine when it is needed in the session. Machines are available to use on request. Sign up now and get ready for a great 2020! Each session is $5.00. Please enroll in advance.

Session dates for Lap Quilting 2020:

January 9th 2020 2-4pm

February 13th 2020 2-4pm

March 12th 2020 2-4pm

April 9th 2020 2-4pm

May 14th 2020 2-4pm

June 9th 2020 2-4pm

July 9th 2020 2-4pm

August 13th 2020 2-4pm

September 10th 2020 2-4pm

October 8th 2020 2-4pm

November 12th 2020 2-4pm

December 10th 2020 2-4pm