Photo Stitch option takes the Singer Futura a step ahead

Jennys Sewing Studio has done some exciting photo embroidery using the SINGER photo stitch option. The newest software updates for the older Futura CE200 and CE100 bring older photo stitch software up to the latest features so everyone can enjoy this ability.

Our best advise is to choose photos that are close-ups and offer a clean background. The photo to the left  was digitized in minutes using the new photo running stitch option. It is stitch intense but offers the best details you can ask for. This photo also has wonderful contrast. I have included several more photo designs for you to evaluate.

Crop and size your photo to fit the Futura frame. The software now allows you to preview and go back to fix any inperfections as you create the design in the photo option wizard. It is easy.

Below you will see 2 designs I have done. The cat photo had hardly any contrast so I increased the number of thread colors suggested to get more detail in the design. The baby photo was a closeup already.



The following examples show 3 ways that you can use the photo stitch program. They are all from the same photo. The first design is made using the running stitch, The second option use the 4 color option for a quicker sew out, and the 3rd option show you a monochromic design.

We will be demonstrating all the options at out Louisana Futura seminar in November.

You can now watch our on-line video on photo stitch.

I hope you will join us.

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