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Embroidery design perfect placement

The secret to perfect embroidery design placement is all in the planning. Sticky paper and templates are the key. Remember to center your design in your software before you “save it as”.  Print off a template and tape it to your garment to set the stage. Stand back and look at the effect before you […]

The Serenity Prayer

I am looking forward to a New Year and my hope is it will give us all a new beginning.  The Serenity Prayer keeps coming to mind so I thought it might be time to share the words with you! I have made this prayer into a machine embroidery. It was pretty easy with my […]

New sewing projects

There are several new sewing projects posted on I really liked the neck pillow and the Christmas in July star ornament. I have posted links to them on my project page.  Look toward the bottom of the list for the neck pillow link. I am definitely making these as Christmas gifts. First I am […]

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