Quilting by embroidery machine

I have some great quilt designs for you to download for free.  These designs are all in the .xxx format so you will have to reformat them with your embroidery software.  The collection is too extensive for me to add conversions. Once you take a look at these designs you will love them as much as I do.  There are 1000’s of quilt block ideas here to combine and built on.

Open up your software and then open the design. Print out a template. You can also open addition designs to combine into the layout. Make sure you “save as” each time you make a new layout so you can make quick layouts. If you design a block that is too big for your hoop you can still make the block by embroidering each single design using the template for acute positioning.

The” hoop it all” will help you create your quilt block by giving you a larger hooped area. Slide from one embroidery area to another using the hoop it all slide action.

Challenge yourself using the new Singer XL400 or your Singer Quartet. The multi hoop feature is perfect for quilting on the sewing machine. Built your embroidery design and save as. The machine will split the design to multi-hoop. Here is a link on how multi-hooping works. Interested in a Singer XL400 Futura? See Jenny’s Sewing Studio!

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